About us


Kotas  are a trading system including sales structure of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Kaliningrad.
In order to create demand for products represented, along with a lot of manufacturers are investing in a marketing device, popularization of his trademarks - a cable TV Lithuanian and Russian, are actively marketing on the Internet, social networks, we have accumulated a wealth of data base used for direct marketing purposes.
We always seek to cooperate with the best manufacturers in the world and the innovation that customers provide you with the most attractive offer - our range speaks for itself!
We are proud of having the exclusive right to distribute the world's largest fishing gear concern
Pure Fishing products: multiplier and fixed spool legendary Abu Garcia reels, one of the oldest manufacturers in Europe French Mitchell reels and fishing rods, American Berkley Rod and silicone baits unique Sebile baits, one of the best in the world Fireline, stren, Spider wicker Welsh, legendary American Fenwick rod casting, Carp JRC line marine PENN line and Sheakspere production.
Assortment we have intelligent Cralusso floats, Welsh, hooks and accessories, Hungary champions Timar-Mix feed and their attachments, England angling teams used Drennan hooks, fishing rods and accessories.
We represent the best English Hardy & Greys products Lithuania, exquisite marine Kinetic range. If you need a tool shop, a garment or accessory fly, marine or Carp fishing - best to contact us.
To provide customers with the most modern tools, we can not do without a Japanese production - we have the right to distribute soft eaten
Reins, Keitech, Arrow Fish bait, exceptional quality baits Maria spinings rods Graphiteleader, Tict, Tenryu, Tailwalk, Major Craft
Our mission - to keep track of all the innovations in the world show up fishing rods and immediately deliver brothers, because first of all we are fishermen, but only after traders.

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